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Yen Ching | Midlothian,VA | Chinese Food

If you are looking for authentic Chinese food in Midlothian, VA, our restaurant has an extensive number of options to choose from. We offer classic, widely recognized options, such as egg rolls, broccoli, noodles, and beef teriyaki. Although you can find these food items at the majority of Chinese restaurants, many times they are poorly prepared or too greasy. Our professional chefs avoid this through careful preparation, ensuring that our food is nothing but high quality.

For the more adventurous customer who is looking for a truly foreign plate, we have a number of traditional Chinese options, such as a dim sum menu. From our favorite seafood and pineapple fried rice to our chef specialty dishes, we always prepare alluring meals for the whole family. The key to achieving authenticity lies within our proper use of traditional sauces and seasonings.

There is something for everyone on our Chinese food menu. Often when choosing a restaurant, vegetarians and vegans are left with few to no options. In contrast, our menu at Yen Ching has a list of vegetarian and dairy-free options, such as vegetable rice dishes and raw health foods. When it comes to our style of Chinese dining, no one leaves hungry.

Through utilizing the range of their talent, our chefs are able to present you with a broad range of sweet, spicy, and savory options. Our Chinese restaurant is the perfect place for a delightful evening of proper dining. Whether you crave lo mein, spicy kung pao chicken, or a big bowl of egg drop soup, our team of chefs aim to satisfy. Come in to take advantage of our range of Chinese cuisine delights!

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